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A new meaning for “like”


Social media has given new meaning to existing words. Birds aren’t the only ones who “tweet” anymore. And “like” doesn’t really mean “like” all the time. Sometimes, it just means, “Yes, I read what you wrote.” Read about it here at Visual Thesaurus.

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Oh? No, O. …Oh!

I’ve never thought about the word “oh” versus “O.” But Visual Thesaurus columnist Shannon Reed has. In fact, if she could, she would rather always write “O” than “oh.” Enjoy her findings¬†in this article on how “oh” and “O” came to be.

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A story about a word lover

A recent post on Visual Thesaurus pointed me to this nice little story, “a moving autobiographical essay,” said the post, about a word lover and his “word-learning journey.” You don’t have to be a word nerd here. The first line pulls you right in… Take a look.