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Fun infographics

I like a good infographic, and this is an interesting one about the satiety of food (by Column Five for Massive Health). This type of project would be a joy to research, write, edit and proofread, as well as design.


The piece seems suitably researched, but keep in mind that infographics simplify things on purpose to a certain extent. I always look to see if good sources were used, if the data is accurately represented, etc., some of the things I’d double-check as an editor. (Just look at the examples The Guardian gives here of some particularly bad infographics.)

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Welcome to January, januari, gennaio, січень…

Foreign language lovers, here’s a simple interactive map of the languages of Europe from The Guardian. It uses Google Translate, so it may not always be accurate. Nonetheless, you can enter a word in English and see how they say it throughout Europe.

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You only live once

“YOLO!” exclaimed a friend one day at the end of our conversation, “You only live once!” This is new slang that kids are using nowadays. My friend had just learned it from a former teen student of his. It’s an amusing expression at least; I like its spirit. Here’s a post on Visual Thesaurus about it: Further Adventures of YOLO

On the opposite end is the new word “meh”—which isn’t that new according to this article from The Guardian. I’ve noticed the word appearing more and more on online review sites and blogs. I’m not sure I really understand it. It’s more like a sound, a mellow grunt. It means so so or mediocre, or that you’re indifferent: How did you like that restaurant? Meh. I’ve had better soba noodles elsewhere.

It may be a little silly, this YOLO expression, but meh is meh. The same friend took off recently for a long trip across the country. I say now to him, if a little sheepishly, buen viaje and YOLO!