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How many words do you know?

Find out with this online test, part of a linguistics research project that compares English language native speaker learning rates with English language learner rates.


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Fun English with Sesame Street

I still watch Sesame Street now and then. The skits are just fun to watch. They show great creativity and variety, with a sense of humor that appeals to kids and adults. Now having gone through TEFL training a couple of years ago, I’m sure that young English language learners would enjoy some of the sketches, like this classic one called “Fat Cat.”

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The short words of English

English is difficult to learn. I agree. Using the right prepositions, figuring out all the thousands of phrasal verbs, memorizing the exceptions to grammar rules, etc., can be frustrating. But thank goodness we don’t have the lengthy words of other languages. Here’s a noun in German that would slow down anyone for sure (including copy editors, proofreaders and writers):


It’s been deleted from the dictionary recently, though not for being too long. Read about it, and other superlong words in other languages, in this recent article and this one, both from the BBC.