The Editorial Apartment

Services Provided and Rates

Copyediting: $35 per hour
This is where I do everything involved in proofreading, plus rewriting if necessary. I also check facts, check flow and check for tone and style consistency.

Proofreading: $30 per hour
Here I check spelling, punctuation and fix any errors in grammar or sense. I make no changes in words or phrases unless there is a glaring error. I’ll do an integrity check (checking if page, figure and image references go to the right page, figure or image, for example).

Copywriting: $40 per hour
I offer short-form writing such as for email campaigns, e-newsletters, website copy and social media.

For all services, I ensure your text conforms to your house style guide. I also use Associated Press style or Chicago style (i.e., “The Chicago Manual of Style”). Just let me know which style you prefer for your project.

Compare my rates to common rates as given by the Editorial Freelancers Association.

I accept payment by check (issued by your company) or by PayPal.