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How to save a long sentence

longsentencegirlSome sentences are so long that as your reading, you get lost midway and your eyes have to jump back to the beginning of the sentence, wherever it was. Better to rewrite a long sentence into smaller bites of course.

But why did you get lost? It may be because the verb was too far away from the subject. Put them closer together and you could save the sentence. (There’s nothing wrong with an occasional long sentence.) This article on, a communications publisher, explains the trick.

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More to warm your heart during the holidays

“The Power of Words” was produced by an online content firm in Glasgow, Scotland. It brought them a lot of business. The video was based on the original award-winning short film, “Historia de un letrero,” by Mexican writer/director Alonso Alvarez Barreda. Watch how words can move you.

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Writing worth reading: creative customer reviews

reviewsimageCustomer reviews can be great entertainment, despite the often numerous flaws in writing. Look at these from, a website I relied on during a recent trip to Spain. (I have deliberately omitted hotel and customer names.)

Reviews of a few different guesthouses I decided not to stay at:

  • Positives: “Only location near the center.”
    Negatives: “It is awful. Very cold and dirty. The bedlinen has forgotten the washing. In the room it is so tightly that you cannot find the place for the shoes. My wife slept in warm clothes, Early in the morning we run out this pension like Napoleon from Russia”
    —A mature couple from Moscow, Russia
  • Positives: “Pleasantness of staff at door. Proximity to station, port and town centre”
    Negatives: “Echoey staircase and corridor. Could hear the full details of a man vomiting through the night!!”
    —A solo traveler from Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
  • Positives: “location”
    Negatives: “everything else”
    —A group of friends from the United Kingdom has recently highlighted some of their funniest customer reviews. See them here.