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Choose your words


Try this tool called WordHippo. It can help you with word choice in many ways. Enter a word to find its opposite or other words that rhyme with it, or to find a different form of it (like the past tense of it). The tool can also give you examples of sentences containing the word. Try typing in a phrase that has you suddenly wondering “Can you say that in English?” For example, can you “take confidence” or can you only “have confidence”? (You can.)

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How many words do you know?

Find out with this online test, part of a linguistics research project that compares English language native speaker learning rates with English language learner rates.


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Regional differences for the names of things

What time is supper—I mean, dinner? When I lived in the Midwestern United States, I drank “soda pop,” wore “sneakers” and ate “supper.” Here in California, people don’t do that. They order a “soft drink,” wear “tennis shoes” and cook “dinner” instead. Watch this video by Mental Floss for a fast rundown of more words and phrases for everyday things that differ by region within the country or within the English-speaking world.