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Stop. Before it goes live online, get it proofread.

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One of the last steps before your project goes to print is to get a final proofread (and color check) of your printer’s blueline.

But what about a final proofread for the online version or for the projects that only get published online, like that e-blast to your customers, or the post for the company blog, or the multiple Web banners in your latest ad campaign?

After staging and final production work, and before your online project goes live, don’t forget to get a final proofread. For help with final proofreading, contact me.


Author: copyeditorgwen

I am a copy editor and my office is my apartment. I copyedit or proofread a wide range of digital and print marketing communications, as well as books and textbooks. Contact me if you need editorial help. My rates are reasonable, my work thorough, my turnaround fast. Visit my WordPress website:

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