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There’s writing on my egg



I almost thought there was advertising on this egg as I was about to crack it open, or some message to make me feel good about eggs. The writing was large enough to be noticed! But no, it was just a note about the date it wouldn’t taste good anymore. There’s a marketing opportunity here, whether that’s a good thing or not, for the product maker.

However, if I had had to review this small bit of copy, here are some things I’d be questioning: Is it missing a period at the end? Not necessarily; it could be like a headline or title. Leave as is. Is the style of the date OK? Check the house style guide. The justification OK? Are we limited to what the machine in the factory that marks the egg can print? Details, details. This is what copy editors and proofreaders do.

Author: copyeditorgwen

I am a copy editor and my office is my apartment. I copyedit or proofread a wide range of digital and print marketing communications, as well as books and textbooks. Contact me if you need editorial help. My rates are reasonable, my work thorough, my turnaround fast. Visit my WordPress website:

2 thoughts on “There’s writing on my egg

  1. I have to say if I noticed a logo on my egg I would certainly stop & pay attention.


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