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Examples of bad copy? Look in the real estate section.

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Real estate ads are excellent examples of terrible, terrible writing. They are full of bad grammar and inconsistencies, with the random usage of abbreviations, numerals, punctuation and capital letters. Never mind the exaggerated descriptions and cliches. Look at the error-ridden examples below.

The awkwardly placed (and strange) abbreviation “UP” stops my flow of reading more so than all the unnecessary capitalizing that comes before it.

Here, the realtor tries to convince us this home is wonderful by ending every “sentence” with an exclamation point—a classic sign of amateur writing. Perhaps sales would improve if these agents had used a good copywriter or copy editor.


Author: copyeditorgwen

I am a copy editor and my office is my apartment. I copyedit or proofread a wide range of digital and print marketing communications, as well as books and textbooks. Contact me if you need editorial help. My rates are reasonable, my work thorough, my turnaround fast. Visit my WordPress website:

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